It is Peekido’s mission to search far and wide for new and unique products every week for Peekido fans.

We offer both Ready Stock products and products on Pre-Order basis. Status of the products (Ready Stock/ Pre-Order) are stated or labeled in the product page.

What is Pre-Order?

We do not keep stock for products that are available on pre-order basis as our overseas partners will hold inventory for us until customers order. We work with many different partners to offer an incredible amount of variety at great value to our customers. This helps to keep our prices low and we pass the ‘value’ to you.

We will normally deliver your pre-order items in about 2 weeks (or 10 working days) from the weekly cut-off date that is nearest to their payment date.  The weekly cut-off set by Peekido is every Friday.

For example, if order is placed and paid on Wednesday (say 1 January), the cut-off day is on Friday (3 January). Pre-order items will be delivered in 2 weeks (or 10 working days) from the Friday (3 January).